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Common Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident: Tips from Auto Accident Law Firms in Los Angeles

Posted by Alan Fassonaki | Mar 20, 2024

A car accident can turn out to be a traumatizing and an overwhelming experience. It is quite crucial to handle this situation with care and caution. Any wrong statement or action can have long-lasting consequences. To keep LA drivers aware of their rights, auto accident law firms in Los Angeles offer common mistakes to avoid after a car accident.

What Would Auto Accident Law Firms in Los Angeles Advise About Leaving the Scene?

California law mandates that any driver involved in an accident should stop right after the accident and exchange information. This information includes driving licenses of both the drivers and vehicle information. Including the vehicle number, model, color and ownership document of the cars that got hit during the accident. Moreover, the insurance information should also be shared such as, insurance company name, the policy number and insurance certificate or card.

Failing to Get Medical Attention

The auto accident law firms in Los Angeles should recommend their clients to have a medical exam right after an accident even if they don't believe they are hurt. An initial medical exam may help reveal an injury that does not have immediate symptoms.

Posting on Social Media

Sharing happening situations in your life can help you grab a lot of attention on social media. But auto accident law firms in Los Angeles always advises their clients not to do so. The footage and videos can be used against you by the opposing attorneys and insurance companies. A seemingly innocent post can be used against you with a claim that the injuries occurred during the auto accident were not as severe as claimed.

Don't Make Statements to the Other Side

Don't jump to apologize or feel guilty that can be construed as accepting blame. Observe the facts about the accidents but do not discuss it with anyone except for the police and your auto accident attorney los angeles. Let the legal team analyze the details of the accident, go through all the witness statements and the police report to build a case on your behalf that preserves your rights. 

Don't Settle Too Quickly

All the auto accident law firms in Los Angeles say not to settle an insurance claim too quickly. Since insurance companies often make a low initial offer. Therefore, it is important to review all the offers and analyze the full extent of your damages under the analysis of an auto accident attorney in Los Angeles. By accepting any offer, you may be relinquishing your right to fair compensation.

Waiting Too Long to Hire an Auto Accident Law Firms in Los Angeles

Anyone who is injured in an accident needs to seek legal guidance from auto accident law firms in Los Angeles to understand their legal rights and options fully. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will help with gathering evidence and make sure rights are protected. Considering their experience, they help their clients to navigate the complex legal process and deal with their respective insurance companies. Moreover, if necessary, they will also represent your case in court.

Contact the Police While at the Scene

Failing to contact the police after a car accident can have various disadvantages for all the involved parties. Not involving law enforcement means there won't be an official accident report documentation highlighting the details of the accident. It may become challenging to identify the one that is at fault or establish the sequence of all the events that happened during the accident. This results in complicated insurance claims and further legal proceedings. There is a risk of dispute regarding the damage caused and the party responsible for it. Therefore, it is important to contact law enforcement to correctly document all the details of the incident.

Not Hiring Auto Accident Law Firms in Los Angeles

It is crucial to hire auto accident law firms in Los Angeles if you are injured after a crash. Insurance companies are known for trying to minimize the cash outflow from their business. You will minimize your chances of protecting your legal rights if you opt to discuss your injuries with the carrier(s) directly. Contact experienced auto accident law firms in Los Angeles to negotiate on your behalf and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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