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After my initial phone conversation with Alan Fassonaki I 'felt' he was the right person for my case. Alan took the time out of his Saturday afternoon to meet and discuss my situation. In that 2 1/2 hours he had sincere eye contact that showed concern and a willingness to help. After breaking down the options that were best for ME...I decided not to go through with the case. Alan showed me options that ultimately made me decide NOT to go through with my case...because he was 'sincerely' guiding and directing me into what was best for ME...even if it cost him the job...he did it. You simply don't see that type of honesty these days but I am happy to have met this person and the way he represents his business. In any business its REPUTATION and I now will only say the best things on this behalf. This guy has the GOOD ENERGY all around him. All the best in this Universe, again, to you and all that is yours, Alan!

– Les

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