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Pedestrian Accidents: Perspectives From Auto Accident Law Firms in Los Angeles

Posted by Alan Fassonaki | Mar 19, 2024

Pedestrian accidents in personal injury law are defined as when a motor vehicle hits a non- motor vehicle (a person) resulting in an accident. Every year there are several pedestrian accidents both on a minor and major level. Causing short- or long-term physical inabilities of various types and emotional trauma. For individuals seeking legal assistance in such distressing situations, reputable auto accident law firms in Los Angeles offer invaluable support and guidance.

Common types of Pedestrian Accidents Handled by Auto Accident Law Firms in Los Angeles

There are several types of pedestrian accidents classified under various clauses of personal injury laws. Let's investigate some of the common forms of injuries and how often they are reported around the world. In bustling urban cities like Los Angeles, negligent driving causes various pedestrian accidents. Victims of these incidents require assistance from auto accident law firms in Los Angeles to identify the complexities in personal injury claims.

Reversing Accident: How Auto Accident Law Firms in Los Angeles Review These Cases

These accidents happen when cars either get out of a parking spot or reversing in general and do not have a rear view camera. Although most of the drivers in California these days drive cars that possess a backup camera, yet some drivers still drive cars without them. This may result in hitting a pedestrian walking by. There were also cases where kids were because a driver failed to see them while reversing. Such injured pedestrians need to seek assistance from Auto Accident Law Firms in Los Angeles. 

Turning Vehicle Accident: Classified by a Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles

Cars while making a turn to the left or right can cause an accident. During a turn the driver is mostly focused on the vehicles driving from a different direction--not always the pedestrian crossing the road. Pedestrian injuries are commonly reported while a driver is negotiating a turning. In metropolitan cities like Los Angeles, where roads are crowded with pedestrians, such accidents are quite high in number, requiring legal assistance from local personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles. Personal injury lawyers understand auto accidents involving pedestrians.

Failure to Yield: A Common Case for Auto Accident Law firms in Los Angeles 

Obscured views cause many accidents each year. When a driver stops to give way to crossing pedestrians while another driver behind, not seeing pedestrians in front of the first car attempts an overtake, and causes an accident. In densely populated areas like Los Angeles, traffic congestion is very common, such scenarios reflect the importance of legal assistance for those injured. Pedestrians involved in such accidents can consult with auto accident law firms in Los Angeles to claim for all the damages for injuries sustained in such accidents.

Distracted Driver Accidents: Popular personal Injury Cases for Auto Accident Law firms in Los Angeles

Taking one's focus off the road to eat, respond to a text or a call, applying makeup or setting hair can turn into serious accidents. To save lives it is very important for the drivers to keep their eyes on the road and avoid distractions. Several cases are reported where drivers drive over sidewalks injuring many pedestrians. In lively areas like Los Angeles, where distractions and heavy traffic are quite common, the driver negligence can result in devastating consequences. Victims of pedestrian accidents due to distracted driving can seek support from Auto Accident Law firms in Los Angeles. 

Bus-Related Accidents: Cases for Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles

Many drivers fail to stop, when kids cross the street to either get in or get off a school bus. Moreover, pedestrians trying to catch a public bus get hit by drivers who avoid stopping at crosswalks. In active cities like Los Angeles having a lot of cars and pedestrians on the road, such incidents underscore the critical need for legal representation for victims of pedestrian accidents. Those injured due to drivers failing to stop at school bus stops or crosswalks may seek assistance from a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles.

Pedestrian Accidents: Seek Consultation with Personal Injury Lawyer, Los Angeles

Sometimes during a cross walk, the signal turns from “Don't Walk” to “Walk” signal while the pedestrian is halfway through it. This creates confusion and when they try to run back or move forward, the traffic signal lets the car to continue driving, hence hitting the pedestrian. Victims of pedestrian accidents resulting from confusing traffic signals may seek assistance from a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. 

Personal Injuries in Touristy Areas

An auto injury attorney in Los Angeles identified that since tourist areas are full of pedestrians, hence resulting in many pedestrian accidents. Every year personal injury cases in top touristy areas of California are common due to the huge volume of tourists and activities in this region. Top visitor areas such as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Yosemite National Park and Disneyland attract many visitors every year. It is estimated that around 25% of accidents near Hollywood are pedestrian accidents leading to personal injury claims.

What to do if you get injured while visiting California?

The San Francisco Bay Area is the most visited area with approximately 25 million visitors every year. While Northern California is no doubt a great vacation spot, a vacation can turn into an unexpected nightmare due to an accident. It is always a good idea to be prepared for any unforeseen situation and know your legal rights. 

Here is some advice from an auto injury attorney Los Angeles, firstly, make an emergency call to seek medical assistance. Afterwards, report the accident to local or state law enforcement officials if you have had a motor vehicle collision. Not to forget you need to inform your applicable insurance company. Do not make any statement regarding fault. Lastly, consult with a local attorney.

While considering pursuing a legal claim, seek guidance from a local attorney. Always consider a lawyer who is eligible to practice and understands the law in the jurisdiction where the pedestrian injury occurred. A local personal injury lawyer will help you with a comprehensive and in-depth investigation to determine the claims that can be filed for personal injury victims.

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