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Who is Liable for a Dog Bite?

Posted by Alan Fassonaki | May 03, 2023

Dogs can make lovely pets, but if they bite or attack someone, they may also inflict harm. A dog attack or bite can leave a victim with severe wounds, expensive medical bills, lost pay, and other losses. Who is responsible for the harm the dog produced by biting is one of the most crucial problems that arise.

The circumstances surrounding the attack, the legislation in the state where the incident took place, and whether the dog owner was careless in exercising proper canine control can all affect the outcome of this question. 

Generally speaking, the following parties could be held accountable for a dog bite:

Property Owners

Property owners are under a strict duty to inspect their property for any potentially hazardous conditions, such as a vicious dogs. (The property owner may be held liable if a tenant's dog bites an invitee on common areas.) The landlord cannot escape liability for accidents by arguing that they had no awareness of the dog because they have a duty to inspect their  property. Depending on the specifics of the case, there may be additional defendants in a dog attack lawsuit, such as homeowner associations (HOAs).

A successful case depends on identifying all persons who may be held accountable if a dog owner is unable to completely compensate the victim.  A crucial first step in determining who should be held accountable for the victim's injuries and increasing the likelihood that those hurt in a dog bite attack will receive full compensation from all available sources is to hire an experienced California dog bite attorney.

Other Potential Defendants Based on the Facts

California dog bite attorneys have assisted numerous victims with the consequences of dog bites and liability.  That includes scenarios in which the resulting damages were the property owner's fault.

Caretaker or Dog Keeper

What if the dog is being cared for by someone other than the owner at the time of attack? The keeper or caretaker in this situation may also be held accountable, although not under strict obligation. However, unlike an owner, a caretaker or keeper must have known about the dog's nasty tendencies before an attack or bite occurs in order for them to be held accountable. In contrast to statutory strict liability, the precedent set out above is founded on "common law," much like the "one-free-bite" principle.  In addition, if the keeper or caretaker is careless in supervising or handling the dog, they could also be held accountable for a dog bite.

Hire an Attorney

Establishing liability for dog attacks necessitates extensive fact-finding and legal analysis.  Focusing on physical and mental recovery is important for those without legal backgrounds who suddenly find themselves dealing with gruesome injuries and monetary losses. Arrange a free consultation with Fassonaki Law Firm P.C. to learn more about how our firm can assist you.

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